Press Release


Get ready for some Old Time Rock & Roll with “Fire Lake”, the Ultimate Tribute To Bob Seger! The ATL-based band, “Fire Lake” brings an exciting hit-filled show to the stage and is ready to rock your next event!  

“Fire Lake-A Tribute to Bob Seger” was born when former music lawyer Gar Hogan came to Atlanta and brought together seasoned musicians from South Florida and Atlanta. “Ever since I heard Bob Seger at my first concert at 13, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.” In courtrooms and barrooms, Gar has been on stage ever since. 

Gar’s portrayal of Bob Seger is something that has to be seen and heard. The raw vocal power and emotion of his voice and the stories he tells of Bob Seger and his career will captivate you like no other tribute can. The band is made up of pro-touring musicians, and they cover the entire career of Bob Seger hits from “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” all the way to “Like A Rock” and more! This show is perfect for any event and top venue. It is family-friendly and ready to fill dates in 2022 and beyond. 

Why Atlanta? “Detroit, Nashville, New Orleans, they all had their day, but right now, Atlanta is the greatest music city in the world. It took me years to assemble a band this good, and now I want to remind music fans around the South that great rock and roll music can change the way you see your life.”  

Why Bob Seger? “People don’t always understand why they love Bob’s songs so much, but Bob grew up on the blues, soul, and rhythm-and-blues music of Memphis, Chicago, and the Motor City, Detroit. When Seger retired from touring in 2019, a lot of his fans still wanted to hear that Old Time Rock And Roll. No matter who you are … how old, how rich or poor, whether you wear a tie to work or a hard hat…everybody loves Seger’s music.” 

“Bob is a poet for every American and speaks to this moment in our country. He sings about freedom and pain, about truth and the dreams we’ve had since we were young. Bob’s songs remind us to get back up, even when life knocks us down. Bob speaks to all of us. He rocked as hard as the Stones and made us cry like a good country song. ” 

Now that Bob Seger has retired from the road, I decided to return to the stage to sing the music that moves me the most: heavy classic rock with a strong blues influence. Getting to “inhabit” Seger’s songs onstage is deeply moving for me, and as a super fan of Bob’s, I can show and tell you things about his music that will surprise and delight even the most die-hard Seger fan!” 

Be sure to catch this band around the Southeast.